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Technology innovators and the preferred supplier to the emergency services industry, VEHiQA has proudly designed and engineered its superior quality products for over fifteen years. 

At VEHiQA, we are committed to the seamless integration of intelligence into vehicles. Our custom crafted products and quality assurance processes ensure your emergency response fleet is equipped with the world's most advanced communication, mobility and data acquisitions.

As the trusted Tier 1 suppliers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States, VEHiQA leads the way in vehicle electronic technology solutions including:

  • Fleet data
  • Power management
  • Communications
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Emergency Lighting
  • CAN-BUS 

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VEHiQANoun. Pronounced: vɪə.kə or VEhKa 

Meaning:  Creates IQ/intelligent solutions for specialised vehicles

Established in 2015, VEHiQA is part of the world renown and highly regarded Nautech Electronics Group - proudly representing the group's Integrated Vehicle Intelligence element.

VEHiQA has been created in response to an ever growing market and embodies the key components of the Nautech Brand - intelligence, innovation and integrity. Through its excellence in design, engineering and trusted flagship products, VEHiQA is building the international presence of the Nautech Group

At VEHiQA we look forward to furthering our trusted relationships and continuing to supply the world's emergency services industry with innovative technology solutions and the highest quality products

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