Dual Cab Utes

Drawers for Dual Cab Utes

Prices include GST and installation.

[FDRW UTETWIN] Twin Drawers with Side Wing Kit $2290
[FDRW UTESINGLE] Single Drawer with Side Wing Kit $1390
[FDRW UTESINGLELOWSLIDE] Single Drawer and Low Slide with Side Wing Kit $2250
Custom Systems start at $2290 - POA

Lawson UTE drawers are a great way to organise your tools or divide the space in your vehicle. We can install twin, single or custom designed drawers to specifically meet your requirements.

  • ALL Runners and fittings are Stainless steel for strength and durability.
  • Aluminium tread or "checker" plate is used for trimming.
  • We use a stainless lock that self latches and is keyed alike.
  • Lawson drawers are fully carpet lined
  • Wing kits are made to suit the shape of each vehicle and allow for a full flat top deck over the wheel arches.


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