VEHiQA have been creating, engineering and installing warning equipment for the emergency services industry across Australia and New Zealand for over fifteen years. 

Technology innovators and industry leaders, VEHiQA designs and engineers all its own products. From standard lines to custom designs, VEHiQA branded products are of the highest quality and engineered to perform to optimum standards every time.

All VEHiQA's installations are quality assured and meet the conditions established by the world's most widely recognised Quality Management System, ISO9001/2015. VEHiQA’s environmental policy Framework is based on ISO14001 and we have an ongoing commitment to preserving our environment through resource sustainability, pollution prevention and minimisation of environmental impact.



VEHiQA specialised vehicle integrations guarantee a fully connected fleet. Our digital communication systems give you rapid access to your fleet data including; odometer readings, fault codes, fuel consumption and refuelling. VEHiQA data solutions are fully approved by vehicle manufacturers and easily integrated with existing communication platforms.

  • Communications
  • 3G/4G WIFI Infrastructure
  • ANPR
  • Fleet Management Data
  • In-vehicle Monitoring System


ViQ CAN BUS (Controller Area Network Integration)

Designed for the future, VEHiQA's CAN-BUS systems are integrated using your vehicle's own intelligent digital platform. The benefits of this include cost savings through plug and play installation, lower vehicle retouch rates - all this while expanding your vehicle's capabilities and keeping pace with the OEM wiring evolution.

  • OEM CAN-BUS Gateway Interface
  • Independent CAN-BUS Infrastructure
  • Input/Output Modules - CAN to Analogue
  • Hands Free



Designed and manufactured solely by the VEHiQA team, our LED lighting products meet the demands of the emergency services industry and have been rigorously tested to ensure their reliability and longevity in the harsh Australasian environment. 

  • LED Bars
  • Internal & External LED 
  • Amber LED for Contractors & Civil
  • LED Message Displays
  • Headlight Flashing
  • Infra-red Lighting



Our range of fully digital power control units, high current battery isolators and low voltage disconnects deliver cost effective solutions that allow you to easily change functionality beyond installation.

Our reliable power management solutions have been consistently proven to perform in the rugged marine and enforcement environments where power demand is critical and extending battery life saves costs, but most importantly, saves lives.

  • Dual Battery Systems
  • Electronic Power Management
  • Digital Fuse Boxes
  • Battery Isolators
  • Low Voltage Disconnects



As one of the only companies in the world to design, manufacture and install emergency enforcement equipment, VEHiQA produces superior quality products that continually evolve to meet the rigours and changing needs of the emergency services industry.

Whatever your requirements, our products can be installed standalone or as part of a fully digital vehicle system. 

  • Siren Speakers
  • Digital Siren (SLC 500)
  • Siren Light Controllers
  • Public Address Systems