ViQ Power Management

ViQ Power Management

Our range of fully digital power control units, high current battery isolators and low voltage disconnects deliver cost effective solutions that allow you to easily change functionality beyond installation.

Our reliable power management solutions have been consistently proven to perform in the rugged marine and enforcement environments where power demand is critical and extending battery life saves costs, but most importantly, saves lives.

  • Dual Battery Systems
  • Electronic Power Management
  • Digital Fuse Boxes
  • Battery Isolators
  • Low Voltage Disconnects


THE NAUTECH PCU is a power distribution unit designed to work stand alone or with the Naubus range of products. Replacing a conventional fuse box, the PCU delivers clean filtered power to support a range of standard and sensitive equipment used in after market vehicle installations. The PCU protects against overload and monitors the current draw of each output, while intelligent automatic resetting digital fuses reduce maintenance and improve reliability. User configurable programming allows for staged shutdown of individual outputs at both timed intervals and varying levels of battery discharge. Configurable digital inputs and outputs give further control over output channel interaction, making the PCU a complete power management tool to ensure you have total control.


  • Complete power management unit
  • Intelligent fusing
  • High power outputs with built in overload and short circuit protection
  • High inrush control for items such as larger current halogen lights
  • Current monitoring of each individual output
  • Ability to calculate and monitor vehicle battery state of charge
  • User configurable staged shut down to prolong battery life for essential equipment
  • 3 Digital inputs to control output functions
  • 2 Digital outputs to control external equipment e.g. PC / MDT low power shutdown
  • Shut down timers, turns off equipment after pre-set time delay
  • Configurable outputs and shutdown characteristics to meet customer's requirements
  • USB B Port for user programming and monitoring
  • Compact size
  • Ultra low RF emission (Sub - 110 dB for frequency range 75 MHz to 900 MHz)
  • 14 Output channels
  • 2 x 15 Amp
  • 4 x 10 Amp
  • 8 x 5 Amp